I have had a lifetime of acute respiratory disease and 28 months ago I was diagnosed with

COPD. After my first treatment on Jo’s “Rife” Energy Wellness frequency equipment I was

Able to walk up the hill without stopping for a breath. After my second treatment I was capable

Of walking further distances. After the third treatment I no longer had the burning pain on

Inhalation and I also have an improvement in my posture and I can hold a conversation without huffing and puffing. My lung capacity and function has really improved and I would not hesitate to recommend this form of treatment to anyone. Vicky 09 813 2612 or

Mob 027 208 2539



My name is Betty Davis, I am 86 years young. Recently I fell and cut and hurt the side of my face. Joanne gave me a treatment on the Rife Energy Wellness Machine – I am very pleased to say I had no bruising on my face at all and my face was healed within the week as when you get older your skin thins and you do bruise easily taking longer to heal.

I would recommend you see Joanne for any treatment you may need using this method as it is fantastic. Also Jo’s range Naturally 4 U is great especially the Colloidal Silver (a natural antibiotic) which I use daily and see the benefits. Please contact me for any further information about my treatment. Also my daughter had a treatment for a Migrane headache this also brought her relief.   Betty 09 838 8458    



I have now been having these treatments through Joanne O'Brien for several months.  In particular the lung treatment is very beneficial for me, having COPD (lung disorder) and after a 45 minute treatment, feel so much benefit in my lungs.

I have also had the joint treatment and notice a difference in my knees and legs generally. I have no hesitation in recommending these treatments to anyone considering having them.

 Lorraine Pateman   Mt Albert.   Ph 09 8465754



I fell and hit the corner of my head on the washing machine in the laundry, I had instant swelling, went and had a treatment for the swelling on the Rife equipment the swelling

Went down instantly, then the next day had a treatment for the bruising – this accelerated the

Healing and the bruising went from black to a pale yellow the next day.

I have also done a detox and various other treatments – all of which work very well and the results are fantastic. Carol Matiu Ph 021 1683090 or 09 832 3435



I have had a detox treatment on the Rife Equipment and it has provided an amazing

Result – I would recommend this treatment to anyone wanting to detox in a sublte way. I also have a bad back with really backA sciatica and the treatment for sciatica has also provided relief for me. Brian Colcord Ph 0274 8333 96



My husband Matt had a Rife treatment from Jo for his Gout in 2005 and to this day his gout has never returned. Lynn (Hairdresser) 09 8325672

I have suffered CFS / ME for 16 years, having tried almost every type of treatment available to me, left me disappointed, until I tried the Energy Wellness “Rife” instrument. I immediatedly

Noticed a feelilng of wellbeing, bringing back energy levels and feelings I haven’t felt for years. I would come away feeling recharged as if it was putting energy into my body. This is

The most exciting breakthough in my treatment and I am extremely grateful and thankful for

This machine and would recommend it to anyone who suffers the same or similar ailments

As myself. Benefits:- increased energy, clearer thinking, restorative sleep, better quality of life

Thanks a lot Nina.



My daughters warts changed colour the first time after doing a treatment on the Rife machine

We are in the process of ongoing treatments and are seeing results. Karen Workman (Mum) 0212839709.


 I had a very sore back from lifting some heavy tables and after suffering for about 4 day I went to Jo for a Rife treatment immediately after I had the muscular treatment it had improved

remarkably and continued to improve through the course of the day and was almost back to normal by the end of the day – what a great healing tool – I would recommend this treatment to anyone suffering a sore back. Jill Potter 09 445 3846



Thanks for the treatment today,and happy to say that again I have increased movement in my shoulder. This is quite noticeable virtually straight away. This also helps my rest,as I sleep on the same side. Regards, Barry.  Email:-



I felt really good after the treatment, most of the soreness has gone, just a slight ache at the moments so I will follow up with another treatment. Thanks Leonie   E:-



I have suffered from fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome for three years now. The muscle, joint pain and headaches I have experienced was debilitating. I woke every night with body pain and never felt refreshed. I have two demanding children to look after and didn’t know how I was going to continue.

My brother told me about the Rife Therapy, so I thought I’ll try anything. I was desperate to get some relief. I am currently undergoing Rife treatment on a weekly basis and have been

Doing this for the 10 months. There has been a huge improvement in my wellbeing. I very

Rarely get pain and I now get a good nights sleep, have more energy and I can cope now, I am just getting better and better, the results are amazing.   Cheryl      Ph 09 817 8840